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Seabrook Recreation Department Reopening FAQ’s

    • What hours will The Seabrook Rec. be open?

        • There will be programs during the day that require pre-registration. The Seabrook Recreation Department is not open to those not participating in a program. Registration is required. The Front Office will be open from 9 AM – 3 PM.

    • Which facilities in the building will be open?

        • No facilities will be open in the beginning. Only pre-registered required programs.

    • Are masks required in the building?

        • Masks are required upon entry, exit and in all common areas.
      • Can I drop-in to a program or a facility?

    • What forms of payment will be accepted?

        • No cash will be accepted. The only form of payment allowed will be check and credit card.
    • What are the guidelines for sports spectators at practices and games?

        • Per the Youth and Amateur Sports Guidelines, “Parents/guardians of minors attending a sporting event should be asked to wear cloth face coverings while around other spectators, staff, volunteers, and athletes when social distancing is not possible.”

    • Will water fountains or the vending machines be available at The Seabrook Rec.?
    • Disinfecting/Cleaning?

        • With guidance from the CDC and the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services we have devised a regimented schedule for disinfecting and cleaning. Disinfecting and cleaning will be before and after programs along with “hot spots” throughout the day.

    • What are the current guidelines that the Seabrook Recreation Department is following?
                       We have gathered combined guidance from:

CDC Guidelines
Universal Guidelines
Youth and Amateur Sports
Day Camps
Day Care
K-12 Guidelines
NHIAA Guidelines
Because of these uncertain times, we may have to cancel/adjust programs and activities due to the current situation at that time.  We will face challenges, however we will continue to adapt to the updated guidelines along with any needed guidance from the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services.